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New Mexico Libraries Gear Up for 2016 Bond Funding

Check out our 2016 GO Bond section for news on the upcoming  GO Bond, which will provide support to New Mexico libraries.


Projected 2014 Allocations

bookspicProjected 2014 GO Bond “B” allocations are now available for academic, public, school, and tribal libraries. Find them here.

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2014 GO Bond Marketing Materials Now Available!

Bookmarks, brochures, and flyers are now available to download.



Check out more on the Marketing page!

Legislative Bulletins #7 and #8

Legislative Bulletin #7

  • Governor Martinez signed SB 53 and HB 55
    • She did not line-item veto any of the library projects in HB 55.
    • Read SB 53
    • Read HB 55

Legislative Bulletin #8

  • Final Outcome of Capital Outlay Bill
    • Governor Martinez signed SB 53, the General Obligation Bond Bill
  • She also signed HB 55
    • She line-item veto some projects including three library projects
    • Read more about the final HB 55


Library Bond Bill Passes

  • House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 53, the General Obligation Bond Bill
    • Passes 64-0
    • Now SB 53 goes to Governor to be signed
      • Will put 3 separate bond issues on the November General Election ballot
      • $17 million to fund 189 separate projects at senior centers in NM
      • $11 million to fund public, tribal, academic and school libraries in NM
      • $141 million for 30 higher education and special school projects statewide (Golden Library and Zollinger Library included)
      • No change made from original bill in the amounts allocated to the four types of libraries
      • Click here to read the bill in its entirety.

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NMLA Legislative Bulletin #5

  • Legislative Session ends February 20th.
  • Senate Bill 53
  • Revised in SFC and passed 8-0
    • Word “supplemental” added to higher education paragraph
  • This bill also includes $11 mill project for Golden Library an ENMU and $1 mill project for Zollinger Library at UNM Gallup
    • Included in Higher Education Bond Issue, Bond C
    • For improvements/renovations/updates to said libraries
  • Passed in Senate 40-0
    • Now goes to House vote
  • View bill text and versions at Open States

How are you promoting the GO Bond in your community?

Libraries in Valencia County are using local school mascots to mobilize voters.

Check out one of the GO Bond posters by Valencia County Libraries.  Share your poster by emailing


Grant County secured an endorsement from a political party.

“We Democrats recognize the high value of libraries, senior citizen facilities, and universities for the good of all New Mexicans,” notes Manzanarez. “Especially here in Grant County, an essential part of our community – Western New Mexico University – has charted an expanded future. WNMU deserves our strong support which will return benefits a hundred fold. And in this period of low interest rates, the costs will likely be negligible or none.”

Magdaleno Manzanarez, VP for the Grant County Democratic party.

Radio Spots Available to Download

Radio spots for 2012 are now available.  Click here for options.