How are you promoting the GO Bond in your community?

Libraries in Valencia County are using local school mascots to mobilize voters.

Check out one of the GO Bond posters by Valencia County Libraries.  Share your poster by emailing


Grant County secured an endorsement from a political party.

“We Democrats recognize the high value of libraries, senior citizen facilities, and universities for the good of all New Mexicans,” notes Manzanarez. “Especially here in Grant County, an essential part of our community – Western New Mexico University – has charted an expanded future. WNMU deserves our strong support which will return benefits a hundred fold. And in this period of low interest rates, the costs will likely be negligible or none.”

Magdaleno Manzanarez, VP for the Grant County Democratic party.

Cost to Property Owners

NM Library Bond B. A small cost will make a big difference.

New Mexico Bond B can make a big difference to your community without a significant hit to your wallet.  According to the New Mexico State Board of Finance, the average cost to the owner of a property worth $100,000 over a 10-year period for Bond B will be $0.56 per year.

For more information on the estimated tax costs of 2012 NM Bonds, click here.

On November 6, Vote Yes on Bond B!

Radio Spots Available to Download

Radio spots for 2012 are now available.  Click here for options.

Projected Allocations Now Available for 2012 GO Bond “B”

Projected 2012 GO Bond “B” allocations are now available for academic, public, school, and tribal libraries.  Find them here.